Kids Ballet

Enroll Your Kids in Our Ballet Dance Class

The Children’s Division of the Otto M. Budig Academy is intended to motivate a deep rooted love of dance for understudies ages 2 – 7. Through age-fitting educational program, understudies fabricate certainty and limit in their actual potential while creative mind and imaginative articulation foster their special feeling of innovativeness. The essentials of traditional expressive dance are bit by bit presented, laying out the groundwork for understudies as they graduate into the Preparatory Division.

Young ladies

Foundation Leotard in Pink (Petite Pas de Deux and Creative Dance understudies)

Foundation Leotard in Lilac (Pre Ballet understudies)

Expressive dance pink or tissue conditioned footed leggings

Expressive dance pink or tissue conditioned artful dance shoes

Hair pulled back and conveniently got

No gems or frill

Facial covering or covering

Compact disc Tap understudies require dark tap shoes (any style)


Young men Academy Dance Shirt in White

Dark leggings or tights

White socks

White expressive dance shoes

Hair conveniently styled and away from face

Facial covering or covering

Compact disc Tap understudies require dark tap shoes (any style)

Why Join Our Ballet Classes for Kids

Has your kid communicated an interest in dance? Does your girl very much want to bounce around the house in her cushy pink tutu? Provided that this is true, you might need to consider enlisting your child or girl in a kids’ ballet performance class at Castle Rock Dance Academy.

Selecting your little one in an artful dance class has many advantages. Artful dance classes advance spryness and actual strength, while additionally assisting youngsters with figuring out how to put themselves out there through development. Marking your youngster up for a youngster’s artful dance class is likewise an incredible method for imparting certainty at an early age. On the off chance that you’re as yet not persuaded that an artful dance class might be an extraordinary action for your youngster, consider the advantages beneath.

Your Child Will Learn To Socialize With Others

Probably the greatest advantage of marking your child or girl up for an artful dance class is that the person in question will have an open door every week to associate with others. As a matter of fact, The National Dance Education Organization says that artful dance, alongside other dance structures, empowers collaboration, correspondence, trust, and participation. As your youngster figures out how to spin and move nimbly with the music, they will figure out how to make new companions and defeat timidity in a protected social scene. Artful dance classes are a brilliant method for empowering your youngster to venture outside of their usual range of familiarity to make new companions and enduring recollections.

Your Child Will Develop A Sense Of Work Ethic

Every artful dance class, your kid will be tested to learn different moves, while likewise cooperating with others in the class to perform groupings. This can impart a solid feeling of cooperation and comradery among dance schoolmates, encouraging an extraordinary hard working attitude that your youngster will convey with them for the remainder of their life.